My first short story I’m working on.

This is still a work in progress. I wanted to share anyways. I still need to learn how to write. Sorry no paragraphs. I might change it later.

BEEP! BEEEP! BEEP! Alarm goes off. I wake up in my bed. I hit snooze on the alarm. Then go back to bed. 10 minutes later, it goes off again. BEEP! BEEEP! BEEP! I open my eyes and hit that snooze again. I sure as hell didn’t want to wake up. All I wanna do is sleep and finish my dream. Unfortunately, I couldn’t fall back asleep. The neighbor started mowing their yard. Someone else was weed whacking the weeds. I was like fuck it, might as well get up… so I did. Ended up going to the bathroom first to go pee and see if I could take a dump. Try to get my morning shit out of the way if I could. That’s the best time to shit. I hate shitting in public places. Rather do that shit at home before I go anywhere. But I couldn’t shit. I washed my hands after I was done. Went downstairs to go make breakfast. Made Coffee and ate a Poptart. I go back upstairs to my room. BEEP! BEEEP! BEEP! Forgot to dismiss my alarm. I turned it off. Got on my computer to check the News. I hit up some friends in my Discord. We got into a funny gif war. I have some cool friends. Most of them are my cyber friends from all around the world. None of my real-life friend’s hangout with me anymore. I’ve kind of grown into a hermit. Half of them were kind of shitty to me anyways, the other half was either busy or we just grew apart but remained friends online instead. After I was done bullshitting with my friends in the Cyber World, I ended up playing video games by myself for several hours. I played a few like Dead Space, Tower of Fantasy, and Fortnite. I realized I hadn’t taken a shower. I took a quick one. Skipped washing my hair. Got my clothes on. Brushed my teeth. I was feeling hungry again. I grab my keys, hop in the car. Drove to Panda Express. I got me some Kung Pao Chicken with Brown Rice, Spring Rolls, and Large Sweet Tea. Today was my day off on a Sunday. Was trying to enjoy my Sunday Funday all by my lonesome self. I check my watch. Time was 3pm. I wasn’t sure what to do next. Ended up going on a drive around town listening to Synth-Pop music. Started off with Austra. She one of my favorite artists. I love her song “Spellwork.” That song made me want to find a nature park somewhere. I decided to go to one. Tune in with nature. Go looking for some cool crystals if I could find any I could use for Witchcraft. I don’t even know how to do that. I’m learning. Nature is great place to be in. Can help with depression. I do have that. I drive for a while by time I found a park it started raining. Then it Thunders. I ended up having to drive all the way back home. I was few hours away. I drove out of the city to find a nature park. I was in my zone listening to cool music off YouTube. All sudden my phone goes off with a Tornado Warning. I started to get scared. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it home. Wasn’t sure if there was going to be a Tornado. The winds started picking up. I couldn’t see that good in the heavy rain. It was beginning to get dark. Then I started thinking about that Twister movie when that Tornado came at nighttime. I was afraid same shit was going to happen to me. Get blown away in my car. I did make it home, safe and sound. The rain had stopped. No more thunder. Tornado warning had been called off. Thank fuckin’ God. *phew* That was some scary shit I hope I never have to go through that again. I about shit my pants. Speaking of shit, I had to go take a shit. Finally! Good thing I made it home to my toilet just in time. Gas station bathrooms be gross sometimes. Not all of them are clean like Gate Gas station. They do pretty good job cleaning their bathrooms. I was relieved when I was finally able to go. Washed my hands after wiping my ass. Brushed my teeth. Got ready for bed. I didn’t go to bed just yet. Got back on my PC to bullshit again with my Cyber friends. Hanging out in Discord in a voice channel. We ended up watching this old Marvel cartoon called Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned. Was made in the 80’s. I thought it was great. The time was almost midnight. Started feeling sleepy. I set my alarm clock to 6am. I must be at work the next day around 8am. Hop right into bed. Pulled the covers on me. Closed my eyes. Fell asleep few minutes later. I was knocked out on my way to Dreamland.



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